Great recession is defined as the largest decline in economic activities. The term great recession refers to the United States recession that starts from 2007 and ends in 2009. This time period is also called "Global Recession period". This economic disaster happened when U.S. housing market collapse. Many economists believe that the U.S. economy is moving towards stability. Many new jobs are introducing. This show a healthy and productive recovery of economy. Please visit this link www.grabe.com.br/ for more details.

In this article we discuss which industries are contributing in the America´s economy. And which factors are helpful in the recovery from 2008´s great recession. 

Energy sector:

Due to latest improvement in drilling and hydrofrackingthere is huge increase in the production of oil and gas. The estimated three-year´s growth rate of industry is one hundred and sixty-eight percent. The Saudi Arabia and Russia are the largest producer of oil and gas. United States has many wind energy power stations and they are also working on the solar technology. The U.S. government invests two hundred billion dollars on oil and in 2012 the energy sector introduced millions of new jobs opportunities.

Manufacturing sector:                               

The manufacturing industry gives almost two trillion dollars share in economy. They offered over seventeen million jobs in this sector. This is a fast growing industry. The development in energy sector is directly related to manufacturing industry. Oil and gas prices make huge impact on manufacturing industry.

Transportation sector:

From last years the private transport companies are showing profit, trucking industry helps in delivering large consignments. Bus, train and subways are basic means of transport in America. This sector also introduced number of jobs to support the economy.

Health care sector:

The health care sector shows growth rate of about one hundred and thirty-five percent in three years. The health sector is the booming industry and big support to economy and all the credit goes to the aged people and increase number of patients. The healthcare stocks show stability during recession period.

Agriculture sector:

The agriculture industry is like the back bone of the country. There is huge demand of agricultural products in international market. America´s last year exports are of one hundred and fifty-two billion dollars. The agriculture sector also introduces millions of jobs. The U.S. government introduces technical advancements in this industry so that the agriculture sector gives continuous profit to the America´s economy. For more information please visit www.grabe.com.br/ .

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